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Thought Catcher

Thought Catcher 1
Thought Catcher 2

*Installation Video:

Thought Catcher

Paper, Wood, Steel, Wire, Bead, Acrylic, Pen, Lighting Gel Filter Sheet, Laminating Film, etc

Dimensions Variable

View of Installation at Carnaghi Arts Building in Tallahassee, Florida


     Thought Catcher is influenced by “suncatcher” which is a small reflective ornament used by Native Americans. The suncatcher is mostly hung indoors near a window to “catch” sunlight because they believe that it can bring good energy into their homes.


Like suncatcher, Thought Catcher also reflects light while leaving shadows. The materiality of ornaments determines reflected/shadowed shapes and colors. A collection of my thoughts is hung from the rim of Thought Catcher: book passages that I was influenced by my poem and drawings to express my feeling.

Thought Catcher 3
Thought Catcher
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