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MV - ON MY GRIND, Video, 3’18’’, 2016

     This work is a music video I created for the musician's request. The musician name is EARL, NVRKNW and song title is 'ON MY GRIND'. The music represents the constant depression, insomnia, and harsh reality musicians are facing. Also, it has self-reflection lyrics along with criticism toward a person who has left. I allocate these factors in this work.

Commemoration For Analog Television in 2014, Video, 6’27’’, 2018

     The purpose of this artwork is to commemorate the era of analog television through objects and backgrounds being made up of three primary colors (Red, Green, Blue). Television has been a partner of the most popular free-time activity. Analog television no longer has served the public since the digital switchover had happened from analog to digital television broadcasting. There are tremendous benefits to working with media in the digital domain, while the cathode ray tube makes analog television bulky and heavy. But, the seemingly annoying analog television had dedicated to the popularization of art in the last few decades. To cherish the memory of analog television, all ordinary objects (stools, table, traffic cone) are colored by only three primary colors. And the background describes a close-up image of an analog color screen. If an audience comes to this place, they can feel like being on an analog television.


* This objects are made up of real size,

   and if you want to see more > homage - Other section > Object


     The world is moving fast and our society has changed to the digital era. Television also ended production of analog television sets in Korea on January 1, 2010. Analog signal transmission of television was completed at 4 a.m. on Dec. 31, 2012. And television is now fully converted to digital. So if one television is not a digital television, will not function without a separate converter for change to digital system. Therefore, now we watch digital television, not analog television.


     Here, the artist considers whether it is okay to leave analog television, which has shared our lives and cultures. Is it possible we will be forgotten so easily for the past 56 years from analog television era? The work began with this idea, as a reminder, the artist would like to celebrate it once again. In other words, it is a monumental work of remembering analog television. 

     The artist noted the three primary characteristics of analog television (color) – the ‘three primary colors of light’. The analog television format is to output and transmit various color combinations using the three primary colors of light, “red, blue and green”, are used for work (RGB color). And by bringing those results into the intended space, it was hoped that viewers would feel as if they were inside the analog television. We’ve seen analog television so far that we can remember it again with three primary colors of light.  For this reasons, the artist covered tables, chairs, and bookshelf in RGB colors.


     Visitors can enter the space, which is made of the three primary colors. And sit in RGB color chair and talk, drink coffee, or cry and laugh. As soon as viewers in the space, they can move freely while remembering the analog television, which expresses the most typical characteristics of the analog television system.

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