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About a thing

Oct 2022 Installation View

About a thing

Paper, Fabric, and Steel

Dimensions Variable

View of Installation at Carnaghi Arts Building in Tallahassee, Florida

October 2022

The installation work About a thing represents my fragmented memory of that day. Memory is the process of retaining or recalling past experiences and/or relevant impressions in a person’s consciousness. Memory consists of (i) personal experience and (ii) subjective feelings and/or thoughts based on the experience. Since memory is so vulnerable, work based on memory is flawed because my subjective feelings and emotions have been heavily involved. The wobbling black paper, dark chair, and desk in the wind express how my memory is affected by the experience. It shows the vulnerability of my regenerated memory as a middle school student. The dark chair and desk have the same size and form that I sat on in the middle school classroom and they help viewers understand the scene at that moment.

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