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3학년 2반

Oil on Canvas

30 x 40 x 1.5 inches 


Based on the yearbook photo of my middle school, this painting shows the education system of South Korea. All students have their own classroom where they take all courses. One assigned teacher takes charge of one classroom and plays an important role in students’ lives. The title 3학년 2반 provides the level of grade (3rd grade in middle school, equivalent to 9th grade in the U.S.) and the order of classroom (2nd). All students pose in a unified way and wear the school uniform according to strict regulations like the length of the skirt, the hairstyle, etc. The erased faces of students indicate totalitarianism and introduce the following questions to the audience: How has totalitarianism been used in the education system to generate citizens? Can public interests take precedence over individual interests? If so, who decides it? Through this work, the audience can think about how the education system trains students in compliance with specific standards and regulations.

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